Banking accessible via WhatsApp

WhatsApp Banking, the solution adopted by 14+ banks in Africa to truly go online.




Digital banking tailored to the African context

WhatsApp Banking revolutionizes access to banking and microfinance services. This innovative solution makes it easier to create accounts, check balances, and transfer money to bank or mobile money accounts. By combining the features of a web and mobile application with the user-friendliness of WhatsApp, it helps to alleviate congestion at branches while providing an optimal user experience on the most widely used messaging platform in Africa.

Dashboards and customer tracking

WhatsApp Banking provides banks and microfinance institutions with a customizable tracking interface. This tool significantly enhances the monitoring of transactions and operations of clients using the solution, thereby facilitating the management and analysis of financial activities for improved operational efficiency.

Service innovation and security guarantee

WhatsApp Banking ensures secure transactions while enhancing the end-user experience. This solution not only provides a reliable platform for financial operations but also offers access to innovative tools such as credit simulators and direct customer support via WhatsApp, thereby facilitating customer interaction and engagement.

Features & Benefits

Account creation

Transfer to mobile money

Transfer to bank account

Identity verification

Monitoring and summary of transactions



Support management


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