Insurance services accessible via WhatsApp

Digitalization of insurance services

WhatsApp Assur enables insurance companies to digitalize access to their offerings, thereby alleviating congestion at branches. Whether for subscribing, consulting, or renewing a policy, WhatsApp Assur combines the benefits of a web and mobile application while offering accessibility and ease of use via WhatsApp.

Dashboards and transaction tracking

WhatsApp Assur provides insurance companies with a customizable tracking interface. This tool allows for better monitoring of transactions, including payments and reimbursements to policyholders, thus facilitating the management and optimization of insurance processes.

Simplified resource administration

Our web module offers comprehensive administrative management for agencies and agents. It enables the creation, modification, and deletion of agencies, as well as the management of agents, including user profile creation and modification. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates data from an Excel file, making management more fluid and efficient.

Features & Benefits

Subscription of policyholders

Reimbursement of policyholders

Monitoring and summary of transactions

Policy management

Management of agents and agencies



Support management


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