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Increase the banking penetration rate

WhatsApp Banking transforms the banking experience for individual and business clients. This solution allows a multitude of operations to be conducted directly on WhatsApp: transfers, balance inquiries, credit simulations, and much more. It also introduces new functionalities, such as transferring funds from bank accounts to mobile money accounts. Innovative and convenient, WhatsApp Banking plays a key role in reducing branch congestion and digitizing customer relationships.

Payment collection solution for merchants

Provide your bank’s customers with efficient merchant collection applications like CashPay Web, CashPay Store, or CashPay Hotel, available in white-label and API formats. Ideal for equipping the merchants and e-commerce operators in your portfolio, this solution allows them to collect payments online and transfer funds directly to their bank account. Online payment collection also improves visibility into merchant activity, thereby facilitating credit analysis.

Mobile money resource collection

CashPay, integrated into Electronic Payment Terminals (EPTs) or smartphones, enables physical merchants to easily accept mobile money payments. Semoa provides your bank with the opportunity to optimize mobile money resource collection by equipping your merchant portfolio with this efficient solution. It allows for invoicing, receiving payments, printing receipts, and even issuing change to an electronic wallet, thereby simplifying the entire transaction process for merchants.

Facilitate business transactions

Offer Semoa Pro to the corporate clients of your bank, an application available in white-label or API format, designed to facilitate payments to employees, suppliers, and partners. This tool becomes essential for businesses in your portfolio eager to digitalize their outbound payments or simplify mass payments. In addition to streamlining transactions, Semoa Pro provides detailed dashboards for accurate tracking of activity and expenses, enabling better cash management.

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