An alternative to reduce the risk and logistics of cash payments

Voucher Management System (VMS) secures cash payment collection with the counterpart of digital coupons/checks.

Payment Voucher Management

VMS revolutionizes payment management by enabling the creation of digital vouchers for various uses. VMS offers secure standardization with a unique code for each voucher generated automatically, for example, in return for a purchase made with a bank card, mobile money, or in cash.

Simplified payment with a voucher

The one-time use codes associated with VMS vouchers carry a monetary value and facilitate payments and collections. They are perfect for settling tax stamps, using gift checks or meal tickets, thus offering a versatile and secure payment solution.

Tracking collections and withdrawals

With a user-friendly interface, VMS allows organizations to easily track collections from used vouchers. They can request the transfer of their collected revenue to a bank account or via Mobile Money at any time, without additional fees.

Features & Benefits

Online payment

Automatic coupon generation

One-time use code

Management of sales points

Paper printing

Tracking collections

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