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Reduce the risks associated with cash payments

With the Voucher Management System (VMS), minimize the risks associated with cash payments in public administrations. During cash payments, a voucher with a one-time use code is generated and provided in exchange. The code on the voucher is used to finalize the transaction online, for instance, to obtain a tax stamp or a receipt. VMS is the perfect solution to facilitate decentralization while maintaining strict control over tax revenues.

Digitize taxpayer payments

Transform payment collection by adopting mobile money or credit card processing with the CashPay solution, available as a white-label service. Whether it’s for tax payments, tax collection, or other operations, CashPay makes the process simpler and more efficient. The solution is ideal for remote payments as well as in-person transactions, managed via Electronic Payment Terminals (EPT) or QR codes.

Facilitate the payment of government employees

Use Semoa Pro and its API to streamline the management of payments for government employees and suppliers in your administration. This solution enables efficient automation and simplified transaction management.

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